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Original Post:
by: User590155 on Jul 28, 2020

I've found locally a plant which would be useful for a protection spell.

I need the spell to be smoke free.

My current ideas are a jar spell utilizing the plant and a sigil, or perhaps a small sachet using the plant and a sigil.

If I can find and use a larger jar I may be able to add a tarot card into it as a visual aid.

I'm wondering which card would be a good protective card?

Cards representing strength?

If I use a card I'd like it to pack a punch.

Any suggestions here?

Are there any other smokeless methods which may utilize a plant and a sigil I am missing?

I don't have a means currently for a poppet.

A sprinkling of the plant perhaps yet I'm looking for something longer term.

A container spell seems to be the way to go here.

Any other ideas, suggestions?