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Original Post:
by: AngryBird on Aug 21, 2016

Hello. It's red.

I wanted to explain to people on this site why it's better to cast spells on your own than having a spell caster do the work for you

When you ask a spell caster to cast a spell on you sometimes they charge you money to be able to cast the spell for you. And I've heard if people paying up to $50 for the spell caster and the spell didn't work. It's just not a good idea. I usually cas my own spells and they work just fine.

sometimes spell casters cast spells to people for free. This is a much better that having to pay money to have a spell casted for you. But it won't work. If you create and cast your spells your chances of successfully casting your spell increases. This is like somebody doing your homework for you. Your not puting your knowledge about what you learned in class. And if the teacher finds out you will get a F on that homework assignment. Same thing goes with a spell. If you put your energy into the spell and believe. You will pass.

If you have a option of getting a spell caster or casting the spells on your own. Think about it as a homework assignment. Either the spell caster does the homework for you to score an F or or do the homework on your own to get a B+ minimum.

I hope this changes things around for people here.