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Original Post:
by: User192780 on Aug 02, 2012

Kneel on the ground and draw the Eye of Lilith using an owls feather dipped in blue pigment. If you don't have an owl feather you can use any type of feather as it is a symbolic gesture honoring the goddess. If it is not a genuine owl feather in your minds eye imagine it is so and continue on. Once the drawing is completed place a single black candle in the pupil of the depiction. Light the candle and lower your head. You must become completely relaxed and open to the divine messages you will receive. In order for this to happen it may take many attempts or only one. It greatly depends on the individual. Interlopers are encouraged not to use this ritual to gaze into the immediate future as often times it is met unsuccessfully and with unwanted results. This is a unique sziedi ritual used by by Lilims of all ranks to guide the destiny of their houses.