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Original Post:
by: ShaunasAngl on May 09, 2020

Hi there. I'm new to this whole thing and am curious to know what the general guidelines are for casting more than one spell at once. Let's say I cast a spell using a 7 day candle, can I cast a completely different spell in a different room on the 4th day? Or should I wait until the candle completely burns out? I also understand that even when a candle is fully burned out, the spell may still be in the works. When is it safe to start on another spell?

Aside from timing of spells, does location play a factor? Let's say I started a spell at home, and it's going to take about two weeks (two candles), I go on a short trip away from home and want to cast a spell while I'm away, in the woods. Can I do this?

Any insight would be glad appreciated!