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Original Post:
by: Romina123 on Dec 26, 2018

Hi everybody,

Im new here and thought some of you could give me some advice on a matter and just overall tips. Any help is much appreciated :)

For about some weeks now I have been doing some extensive research about hoodoo, love spells and honey jars.
I decided to do a binding spell out of the blue, because it seemed easy and I truly just wanted to see how it would turn out.
I did the binding on the 19th of December. I also did a honey jar for love that evening too, which I had planned on doing for some time now.
I woke up next morning and noticed the person I used for both of the work contacted me that late evening.
Now I am not sure which work it was that worked, which is something I am now aware in the future. I continued burning the candle for the jar daily with chants and focused meditation, sensing enormous energy while doing so. The flame has been steady and long every time.
Is there advice to turn the jar even on the days when the candle is not burned and how to proceed after a month of burning a candle ?

I tried to do research more about spellwork and honey jars and there is so much information that I will find out the answers through experimenting and reading more and more.
Something I did and didn't find an answer to;

When I do a spell / honey jar / love mojo bag, I only do one at a time for a particular reason ?
In other words, I don't do a love spell during full moon and the next week do a binding spell because 'the first one didn't work (thats unethical and disrespectful for the first work done).
But I did also read that you can make a spell stronger with chants or mojo bags etc. So my question is, is there a preferred timeframe when you would suggest adding spells etc to strengthen the first spell?

I hope I am using correct wording in my writing since I am not native American, please do correct me if I am wrong.

Looking forward to any advice you may have :)