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Original Post:
by: Draco77 on Jan 13, 2017

What would be the best way to write spells as specific as possible, but on a relatively small scrap of paper, say, roughly 5 or 6 inches long & roughly 4 or so inches wide?

I may need to be able to either place the page in or near the property the spell is for, or have a very small amount of remains, if burned or incorporated into a liquid or paste to be painted onto the property the spell is for, because this property is partially occupied & is in an area where it may appear suspicious if someone is seemingly aimlessly lingering around it. I have to be stealthy. I realize I don't need to be in contact with it in order to cast a spell involving it, but I believe it may strengthen the spell if there is some degree of physical interaction. If I'm unable to get close to it without the risk of suspicion, then I will somehow utilize a photo of the property in the spell.