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Original Post:
by: Erik_Erion on Nov 16, 2016

Hey all,

I need help. I recently did a "Talk to Spirits" Spell, This is what it said to do:

Full moon (I used the supermoon)
3 Black Candles
4 Bowls
Dirt, Extra Candle, Incense, Water
Dark Room

Draw a pentagram on the paper with your sharpie, Set in the middle of the room, Set a bowl on each corner of the pentagram, Pour water in one bowl, your extra candle in another, dirt in another, and the incense in another.

Slice your finger, drop some blood into the middle of the pentagram, turn off the light in the room, Open the window, And say the following spell:

I call on the force of the full moon, Please bless this spell.
Goddess of Wind, I call thee
Goddess of Water, I call thee
Goddess of Earth, I call thee
Goddess of Fire, I call thee

I use this blood that has come from my body to represent my spirit. I use these materials to represent the elements.

I call to the spirit world, Spirits of the underworld, Please listen to me! Goddesses of the elements, Please grant my wish, I want to speak to the spirits in the underworld, I call to the power of the full moon to bless this spell, Speak to me, So mote it be

Speak to me, So mote it be
Speak to me, So mote it be
Speak to me, So mote it be!

That was the spell. I heard whispers in my room from that moment, The candles blew out and a wind rushed through my room. This startled me, and I noticed that my blood was gone? I don't know how this happened but my blood vanished, the blood I put on the pentagram. This is when I got severely frightened, I forgot to say goodbye cause of how frightened I was.

I put everything away quickly, and now, I go into Sleep Paralysis, I have constant Hallucinations, I still hear whispers, I can't understand them, they are low and a lot at the same time? I have terrible nightmares, and I know this has to do with the spell, I checked and apparently I was supposed to say goodbye, and immediately shut the window.

I am horrified and I need help, Please help!