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Original Post:
by: User414831 on Dec 10, 2015

Dear All

I'm fairly new to this site and after only a week of being on here I started getting emails from a member "Maryry2" trying to promote a spell caster scam. When it looked like I wasn't going to pay (I have way too much time on my hands and led them on in the hopes of saving a lot of people from getting ripped off) another site member "idorea" started mailing me to back up "Maryry2"'s story, I have kept all the emails and got both of them to confirm in writing that they both think i should pay $400 to some "supplier" guy in Nigeria who then sends the ingredients to ''the master witch'' they call Lumba. Both these accounts appear as USA locations

Lumba and the "supplier" email me daily trying to convince me they are legitimate and to get me to give money to the "Supplier"

I think its all the same person based in Nigeria (maybe 2), its a pretty elaborate scam really they have 2 accounts on here, plus two email accounts, heres a basic run down of how they work:

- Mary contacts you through the site offing to do a free spell for you but then ''cant do it'' and recommends Lumba and gives you Lumbas private email address
- Lumba tells you the spell is free and gives you a list of stuff to get for her
- When you cant get the stuff (a doves egg, bile from a coyote stupid stuff like that) Lumba gives you the email of her ''supplier'' but warns you it will cost $400 usd
- the supplier gives you a western union/money gram account and asks for $400 for ''ingredients'' he will then send to Lumba
- all the time Maryry2" stays in contact with you through this sites email system
- if it looks like you are losing faith in the scam then "idorea" will email you through this sites email system to ''reassure you'' that Lumba is trustworthy and paying so much for ingredients is ''normal'' process

i did all this hoping to expose these people as the frauds they really are and have their accounts deleted if possible - especially idorea, she is very active in the forums and can be convincing so I can see a lot of naive people falling for this scam. They must be making thousands of dollars out of this.

Do I have too much free time on my hands? Absolutely, I'm a bored housewife who just moved interstate and doesn't know anyone here yet. Honestly it was pretty funny, some of the stuff they say to you is utterly ridiculous. On a more serious note though there are people giving these hustlers real money hoping to get a result.

I have kept all the emails in my inbox am happy to send them to anyone who is thinking of giving this "supplier" any money

Please do not under any circumstances trust either of these people

maryry2 profile 366231

idorea profile 315382

Thanks for your time reading this, I hope this helps someone and if you need any proof of the above, please let me know, I kept everything and am more than happy to share it

have a great day