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Original Post:
by: User143793 on Feb 22, 2012

I and I bet a lot of people would like if every one would post stories about casting a spell and it working.

Last summer where I live we were experiencing drouts so I decided to do some rain spells back then I was very new to spell casting and this website so I read up on psi balls, gathering energy and meditation so did that stuff and found a good spell so i waited untill my parents and sister leaft to go grocery shopping ( they would have a problem with Wicca ) I started by meditating and calling energy then I went out side and said this spell three times ''Goddess bring the rain down, giving life to the ground, energy to feed the seed, mother natures gift to me, God bring the rain down giving life to the ground, energy to feed the seed, and a healthy harvest bring, So Mote It Be!'' it didnt work at first so I said it a few times every for three days and on the 3rd night I stared raining realy hard for almost two days strait and this my story.