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Original Post:
by: stephstoll on Apr 17, 2011

I have a question! I started a break up vinegar jar to break up my husband and his mistress about 4 weeks ago today after "working it" i noticed it was leaking the lid was on tight there is no cracks ect.. then another one I have been working 2 1/2 weeks now is half empty again no cracks tight lid.. they are in a high cabinet in the corner where no one here can reach I barley can! My question is .. Is this normal what might it mean? I tried googling and Lucky Mojo and really couldn't find anything so if you know about these kind of jars and have some input please let me know..

I know what kind of magik this is and the 3 fold and karma law but I also know there is some justification so please dont message lecturing about morals we all have our own opinion on them.. Thank you!