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Original Post:
by: GoddessCleo on Nov 27, 2017

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone had any success with the money drawing Trinka five spell and to give me more insight into how it works and what type of spirits are we invoking?

By the way... the chant does work! A couple of days ago I chanted Trinka five 5 times and then yesterday I won 50$ in a small lottery ticket! It?s not much but it made me happy and I was very greateful. I didn?t make the connection between the chant and the win right away, in fact I just thought about it now and how it?s seems to be funny that it worked right away and I do believe there is a connection.

So yes even though it worked for me I wanted to know how and why it worked and wether it is a good thing to keep continuing to use this chant