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Original Post:
by: Becci30 on Aug 25, 2016

Hi, I'm new to this forum and need some advice on what spell to cast.I'm having marital issues for 4 years now.My husband is a control freak and does his best to make my life miserable.Both of us live in the same house and moving out is not an option as there's a child involved.He takes away my 10 year old on holidays for weeks and doesnt let me see her or speak to her during that time .
I have tried speaking to him but he is closed to all disscusion and has cut me out of his life.His presence and aura is very heavy and negative.His side of the family are into black magic and never liked me.
I don't think we love eachother anymore but I want him to stop bothering me so that I can live peacefully in the same house till my daughter grows up a little.Any advice on what spell should I do would be much appreciated.Many thanks.