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Original Post:
by: Jamiec1 on Feb 04, 2016


I live w my boyfriend and 4 adult kids, and my 2 minor kids. My oldest daughter has 15 mo old twins she had to move back in w us w her kids in November. She and my bf do not get along. He has tried very hard and at every opportunity to be kind helpful and friendly to her, but she always found a way to insult hurt or cut him down. Bc of the babies, he doesn't want to make her leave, but he cannot stand the disrespect any longer. So it came to light that she and a neighbor were discussing my bf, and one of them accused him of several outreagious, crazy, reputation destroying things. Both my daughter & the neighbor both deny doing it and say the other one said it.

There a several more problems w her, too many to list...the problem is that my bf is ready to confront her and I want to know if there is a STRONG FAST spell that will ensure (as best as possible) cooler heads will prevail, and every ones hearts and ears are open and receptive and that the discussion will go well and the desired result, peace in my home, will be reached w/o screaming hurt feelings etc. Can anyone please please help me