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Original Post:
by: Weatherwax on Dec 16, 2017

I did a Trad Craft reading list a short while back, this time, I wanted to be a little more specific of books I have read, blogs I follow and youtubers I watch - the list will get bigger over time as I read more and explore more - but here are my picks for the time being.


For general magic and practice

Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting by Judika Illes
The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes
Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes
Magical Knowledge I - The Lone Practitioner 2012 by Josephine McCarthy
Magical Knowledge II - The Initiate 2011 by Josephine McCarthy
Magical Knowledge III - Contacts of the Adepts 2012 by Josephine McCarthy
Spells and How they Work by Janet and Stewart Farrar
Protection and Reversal Magic by Jason Miller
Sorcerers Secrets by Jason Miller

For Traditional Witchcraft

Wicked Enchantment, History of the Pendle Witches and their Magic by Joyce Froome
Popular Magic, Cunning-Folk in English History by Owen Davies
Traditional Witchcraft, a Cornish Book of Ways by Gemma Gary
The Black Toad by Gemma Gary
The Devils Dozen, Thirteen Craftrights of the Old One by Gemma Gary
Liber Nox by Michael Howard
A Discovery of the Impostures of Witches and Astrologers by John Brinley
Cecil Williamsons Book of Witchcraft, a Grimoire of the Witchcraft Museum of Boscastle by Steve Patterson
Treading the Mill by Nigel G Pearson
The Devils Plantation by Nigel G Pearson
To Fly by Midnight, the Craft of the Hedge Witch edited by Veronica Cummer
A Witch's Natural History by Giles Watson
A Deed Without a Name by Lee Morgan

Blogs only Traditional Witchcraft related

Old Mother Redcap - - Currently Inactive - still good to browse
Etamina-Amata -
Poisoner's Apothecary -
Of Wood and Bone -
Spirits Craft -
Sarah Anne Lawless -


Mrshadowbwoy (Traditional Craft) -

Ember HoneyRaven -

On the Black Chair (Traditional Craft) -

Sancista Brujo Luis -