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Original Post:
by: Innergod on Jul 22, 2016

I am going to make this as short as I can. I know that some of the newbies come here and are serious about learning more about all the stuff the site has to offer, but I think some newbies need something to be clarified. I have seen a lot of question in the forum about things pertaining to supernatural feats like flying, turning into a mythical creature, gaining powers ect. Instead of going to why it isn't possible, I just want to go over a few things first and what I have seen that might be where the issue comes from.

? I know that in the late 90's and early 2000's there were shows like Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayerand movies like The Craft. I watch all of these and see why there might be some confusion. I feel these shows made Wicca, Witchcraft, and basically all of the occult more mainstream. In Charmed there is not a book of shadows but The Book of Shadows which is inaccurate a book of shadows isn't universal but it is usually a book a coven or individual has that is filled with information and maybe personal experience ( which is more for a solitary wiccan/witch etc), but the thing about the book is that it is made by a person and anyone can make one . It is not a book that can only be obtain by one person but one you make on your own ( unless your coven has one but even then you can still make a personal one).

?? In The Craft four girls started to dabble in witchcraft and rituals. This is probably one of the movies that can really stump a newbie because there are some information that I saw was accurate and its a little realistic in the movie but there is a lot of things that aren't. First of all you don't gain or unlock magick power but instead read different books , study the topic and practice exercises that will help you in your magical works. Second of all glamour is not what it is portrayed in the movie. It is supposedly an magical act that allegedly can change that makes things appear different than what they really look like. It is a controversial topic because of course of obvious reasons one is it has no been proven to work, but let me get off this subject.

I will not go over all the shows and movies but just wanted to give an over of things in TV shows and movies about the occult that can bring some confusion to newbies. There really is easy way to know which spells will work and will not. If the spell is to give you supernatural powers, turn you into a creature, or anything that is not realistic will not work. It is better to write your own spells because nobody will completely understand what your are going through but you shouldn't start with spells but with magical exercises around on SOM it is know as the basics. Also make sure to do lots of research and read whatever you can find but be careful just because it is a book doesn't mean it is completely accurate if something doesn't fit well with you ask questions.