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Original Post:
by: Persia on Dec 27, 2015

Hi there!

I have decided that when I begin casting spells I will cast a circle first. But then my question raises. What if I cast a candle spell which I have to burn the candle to the end? That means about 7 hours of candle burning. What do I do? Do I sit in the circle for 7 hours - which I don't see myself do - or do I close the circle and just let the candles burn? Also, in this spell that I have in mind I have to chant after they finish burning. So, I am a bit lost.
The answer might be really obvious to whoever is knowledgeable, but for me not so much, so please, please go easy on me. ☺️

Also, do you think this would a good spell casting process?:
1. Circle casting
2. Chakra meditation (open up)
3. Spell casting
4. Chakra meditation in reverse (close off)
5. Close circle

Have you got any other tips/ideas that you'd like to share.

Tank youu!