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Original Post:
by: Artorias on Nov 10, 2015

So a quick backstory. A few months ago I was talking to my mom and we got on the subject of the paranormal and she told me that the family has a curse on it. Also she recently went to psychic to test it out and the psychic knew about things my mom didn't tell her like the age of my siblings and nephew, but the psychic told her that there is a curse. I still dont quite know what it is but from what I think it does is cause bad luck and horrible financial issues no matter the income. Ive searched online on how to break a hex but it seems that they work with personal hexes not family curses (I may be wrong). Is there any advice for a novice to either break the hex or even just protect themselves from it?

TLDR. Family might have curse. Don't know how to break it and am looking for advice on breaking it or just protecting myself from it.