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Original Post:
by: Brysing on Feb 26, 2015

So many members have nothing on their profile/bio.They do not think it is important. But it IS important. It gives other members an insight into what the new member is interested in.
Youngsters will always claim that they are just as "educated" as, say, a 30 year old. And that may very well be so. But it is not the knowledge that matters; it is the maturity of the Poster.
Not really important, but it's better to know if one is addressing a young girl, or a young boy.
If you do not wish to give your Location, leave it blank! "Up with the Fairies" is not a Location! The Location, just town and country, may help to find a real coven, or somebody living nearby with the same interests.
So many write things such as their sexual orientation; we don't give a hoot about that! Write about your interests; what you would like to learn.
Fluff is okay if you accept that it is Fluff! Many "Fluffies" come onto this site and begin to really learn. Then they are no longer Fluffies.
So, please note, your profile/bio is important!