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Original Post:
by: LunaSol on Feb 18, 2015

So i deleted my post on accident

Long story short, two people are using black magic on my relationship for the past 8 months and things are getting crazy.vour fights have been getting worse thru the days. My boyfriend doesnt even sound like himself anymore,ches starting to scare me. He hasnt hit me, but his words, they are not him!

Hes now scaring himself, he says hes seen a fly and heard a fly but there was nothing, now he feels like someone is always staring at him to the point where he locked our bedroom door the other night.

My question is, is this possession or is the work beung done on us making him like this? Ive been grtting cleansed weekly and thankfully im very peaceful and safe.
Please,mserious answers only!

Peace and love, luna