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Original Post:
by: friend925 on Jan 16, 2015

Okay I'm an absolute nOOb when it comes to this stuff, but I'm really interested.
Have been looking all over the internet for information on newbies who want to try this "real-magic" stuff.
Most places I've been to, tell me that the first few steps required are
1> Calm yourself down
2> Picture yourself getting surrounded by white energy
3> Try out a simple spell from one of these websites to know how much magic you've got, if at all.

when "picturing yourself getting surrounded by white energy", I'm lying down and in my head trying to thing this white light kinda thing is surrounding me up.
It was hard to keep my mind from wondering in the beginning, but I've been trying this for a month and it's gotten somewhat easier.
The problem is, for about last 7 days, I'm picturing myself getting surrounded by this white light, for about half an hour, and then when I have the light surrounding me, I'm trying a simple spell from this website, which supposedly would let me return all the bad things this person has done to me back to him.
But I think it's backfiring. I got terribly sick, my head aches, I hear a constant noise in my ear (like a tinnitus, not a voice).
Then this last couple of nights, I stared picturing myself getting surrounded by a black energy. I'm doing everything the same I did before, only now the light is black instead of white (i'm picturing it in my head, with my eyes closed. Of course there's no rel light)
And I've gotten a LOT better. Although I don't see the person I'm casting the spell on suffering in any way, at least my headaches are gone, and the tinnitus is markedly less - to the point where i can hear it only if i'm really paying attention.

This could of course be pure co-incidence, but this could also mean that the white energy that i'm picturing, is not agreeing with me.
Is it okay to picture black energy? Or am I calling in bad powers into my body?
I'm hoping someone with experience can clear this up for me.
And also tell me why am I falling sick when I'm picturing the white energy around. Plus no matter which energy I picture around me, it seems to be effecting me alone, not the person I intend to cast a spell upon. Please suggest me what I'm doing wrong. If you can, please send me a link from where a noob can learn more stuff.
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, this is my first post here. Although I've been reading stuff on this site and others for more than a month, i signed up just today, after theringing in my ears stopped.