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Original Post:
by: NobodyAtAll on Aug 24, 2014

This also applies to the Southern US as well; the title did not allow space for it.

Any way, let's see if I can do this without writing too much.

I am curious about "Old Wives' Tales" folk magic -- not the "cold weather causes colds" and types of things, and superstitions about what kind o bird sings in the back yard, but the more magic-leaning aspects. My grandmother, who passed many years ago, was a wellspring of such information. Sadly it was long ago, and I have forgotten many things she has said. My very strict Christian mother would even interrupt her from even speaking of such things, and so most were never considered much.

There were things about salt, some with flour, which I'm learning as purification and protection rituals. There were things she mentioned with one's mother's wedding ring, and some candle magic thrown in.

But, of course, to call any of it Magic or witchcraft insulted my grandmother significantly.

There were a few other such traditions on my father's side, from a very different part of the South.

In a way, hearing about such things sowed the seeds of curiosity into actual magic, and I remember much of it made sense. I guess some would say it resonated with me.

Seeing as it was at least mostly passed down orally, and things were adapted locally according to what was available, I know there's not going to be a thorough reference.

Any information, even pointing me in a direction, is greatly appreciated. And I will also gladly answer any questions as well as I can.