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Original Post:
by: Blueyes on Oct 25, 2013

Can anyone tell where I can find info on how to find out if I am a decendant of witches? I've been wondering because of how drawn I have been to the craft & how overwhelming my thoughts & moods are. I haven't cast any spells but my interest is very high. I know not to play with Most of the girls on my dads side are on meds for "mental/mood disorders" ( even my dad & bro) & I refuse to take meds. I come from a Christian family but believe my family history has "secrets". I've always felt different & stood apart from what others "think". Most of my cousins have seen/felt things thats happened to them. I believe we have gifts & not crazy like ( heavy Quotations) "normal people" portray. Strongly believe in higher powers. Our minds are powerful. I acknowledge what is. Right now I'm on a journey. When I'm on the phone I have to doodle & when I doodle it has to do with circles or mostly arrows pointing in every direction. Sometimes I zone out & my mind is else where. Please if anyone can help. My first step is to find out where I come from (in truth not what ive been told) so I can understand where I am going.