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Original Post:
by: BornSpirit on Aug 19, 2013

I thought I'd help out a few people by doing a basic guide for beginners.

If you're a newbie/beginner I would like you advise you to read as much as you can. You can get books, read online, learn of yur family. Basically all you need to do is find out what you work best with. There are many threads on this site to help you out. Here are 2 thread that really helped me out when I was just coming into the craft.

Starrie- Starting Out.
AwakeTooLong- The Basics Expanded.

Also, I would like to add that witchcraft is not used for 'fun'. Its not all about spells you know. Spell are only their to alter your needs in life. Many members just like to cast them for fun though and just fail because they do not learn the basics.
You can not get straight into spell casting. magick is life, and life has no shorcuts. Learn the basics and when you are ready take it to the next level.

Witchcraft isn't the type you watch on TV, you have to put the effect in aswell so magick isn't doing all the work. Always remember magick won't just get rid of your problems in like a week. Work on each problem one at a time and see where it goes from there. You may see on TV when someone casts a spell and they have an instint result. Them shows are just nonsense. They merely have a little bit of right information regarding witchcraft.

So before getting into spell casting I'll tell you the basics.

Meditation: find a place where you can be relaxed and you won't be distacted by anyone. Make sure all of your electronics are turned off. You may choose to sit down on the floor, lie down, sit on a chair, stand up etc....make sure you don't get relaxed though. Don't want you falling asleep do we. Lol

Next part is to close your eyes, notice your surroundings. Notice your breath, use all of your senses and become aware. Please don't focus on clearing your mind because that's the last step part. Turn your awareness to your breath. Don't force your breathing breathe nautrally. Once your doing that your sub-conscious will start to controlle it while your concentrating. If a thought comes in your mind just acknowledge it and let it pass. Just stay focused on your breath nothing else. Gradully once you gain experience you will realise that your mind starts to clear by itself. When you're ready you may open your eyes very slowly and just relax.

Grounding: Grounding is basically an exercise to get rid your unwanted/negative energy and renew it with the earths energy.

To ground, get yourself relaxed. Once you are relaxed I want you to visualise yourself as a treat. Imagine the roots of the tree going deeper and deeper within the ground going past the concrete, going past the soil, keep doing this and then imagine yourself at the core of the earth. Notice what your body feels like. When your ready see a big white light above your head. Visualise all of your negative/unwanted energy flowing out your body going into the earth. watch tthe white light go up and down your body. Watch it fill you with this pure white light. When you feel you are grounded to the earth. You may visulise yourself going up and up until you reached where you started. You can now open your eyes and relax.

Visualiseation: visualiseation is a very effective when it comes to casting spells because you're visualising the effect of your spell. Your intent as some call it.

I am going to copy this method of my other thread onto here. This exercise helps with meditation also.

Find yourself somewhere to relax. Once you
are nice and relaxed you will need to light
the candle. The candle can be any colour you
want it to be, doesn't really matter when you
are using this exercise.
So, once you have lit the candle. All I want
you to do is to just focus on the candle
flame for five minutes straight.
Once the five minutes have came up. I want
you to close your eyes and see the candle
flame in your minds eye. Focus on the candle flame. Stay focused for as long as possible.

You might realise that your thoughts are
beginning to vanish. If you don't do it the
first time keep on practicing.

What do you benefit from this exercise?

* you will start to build your focus up.
* better visualiseation.

I hope this thread helped. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Lol