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Original Post:
by: Xzeemo on Jul 16, 2009

Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you knew of any good books that could be used as a sort of curriculum to magick. The other day I realized that while I have been practicing magick for a number of years, I have mostly been going off of personal experience and experimentation, but I may have missed some keys basics or more advanced stuff that I could be using. So now that I am thinking that I want to get more serious in the craft I want to make sure all of my "bases" are covered and get some more traditional teaching. So I guess what I am directly looking for are
-Intermediate studies books that cover all of the basics but go into some good detail
-Intermediate level books for Green and White Magick
- Probably some basic ritual books (I have no experience with this stuff)
- A good book on terms, herbs, gems, candles, equipment, etc. (for reference, I'm forgetful lol)
- Any good links to places with book lists
- A book on Sigils
- And a book on Runes (mostly for enchanting, not really for fortunes)

I am really looking forward to adding some good stuff to my library, it'll make constructing my official BoS easier. Thank you all for reading and I greatly appreciate any responses.

-Blessed Be-