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Original Post:
by: Maria530 on Jul 18, 2016

😡I am no better off and still have not got my husband back, influences in ghis life gone, him faithful and devoted, all the referrals all they do is bleed you dry of money you can't pay cause husband is not in your life, then make up excuse or phony reason why their spells don't work and no proof they did anything to help in the first place. I could of did the same all on my own which failed but not from lack of trying from just not into that kind of practices am Christian and the rip offs more money no results now have nothing cause no husband to provide money and more fakes all in Nigeria using western union scams. Don't fall for it they take money and don't help just demand more money with no results and no good change just make Disabled woman more sick with no money no real help just harm innocent person needing husband back😣Done no trust or believe fake only get husband back then will believe!