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Original Post:
by: ArchDuke on Dec 11, 2015

Hello, I am a fairly new member and I would like something to be clarified for me. The quote below is taken directly from the rules, however I have seen it not followed to the letter by both regular members and moderators. I've highlighted the phrase that has me puzzled.

''I understand that the public chatter is designed for magic talk and website help only. Discussion of other topics may lead to me being gagged and the gag will not removed.
There are coven chatrooms and an online mail system to discuss other topics. You can also use the /pm functionality to have a one on one discussion with someone on any topic. Keep coven discussions in the coven chatrooms and do not advertise anything in the public chatroom. When no one has magical or website concerns to be asked other topics may be discussed, but not at the loss of magic. Mods may choose to end topic discussion of non website/magic talk at anytime. ''

Taken from

I understand that this means that discussion of non-magic and non-website talk is at the discresion of the moderator, but what I do not understand is if this applies to all topics. Based on the letter of the law, it doesn't include all topics. That would make a regular member and/or moderator putting down a magic or website discussion in the wrong, unless another chat rule was broken in the process. Such as if curses were being discussed and someone made a threat to curse another member or if a website issue were being discussed and someone used fowl language.

Could someone please clarify this for me? I feel like I may not be the only member confused.