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Original Post:
by: 00enaid00 on Aug 17, 2023

long time lurker on here. been here since i was a kid, only made an account semi recently to ask some questions. but yeah, i have some serious anxiety issues but figured i might as well say hi.

my name is ceri. i'm 22, she/her, live in hampshire england.

i've identified as pagan since i was small, specifically wiccan for a few years now. i have a kind of traumatic history of having to hide my beliefs and haven't really been a practicing witch since high school, where i was severely bullied and physically assaulted over it. about 3 years ago i escaped an abusive and controlling partner, and since then i've been free to study and learn more about witchcraft and religion, which i have been doing as best i can.

i would love some contact with other pagans and witches, whether just a friendly hello, making friends, or learning from someone more knowledgeable than myself. i apologize in advance though for my social awkwardness and sometimes complete inability to socialize at all out of severe anxiety aha...

but yeah... hey :)