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Original Post:
by: TheNerdBird on Sep 18, 2018

I have been practicing magick for about four years now and I'm happy to say that this site is what opened me up to the works of magick after exploring the internet and stumbling across it. I looked through it all and found out the paganism is a really cool and fun thing! I've made a few spells and I work with familiars and spiritual creatures, and that's what I do best in. I also specialize in working with gems and stones, and I can read auroras pretty well.
Yeah,I've been on this site for four years but only made an account just a short time ago. I already feel at home, and the niceness of this site is really comforting (aka good job to the creators of the site)
So, I've decided to sit down and start contributing to this site, and I'm glad to be here!