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Original Post:
by: Leddy on Nov 17, 2016

Friends call me Leddy. So I'm stickin' with it. I've had an interest in the occult for a while, though I don't readily wear it on my sleeve. Not that that's what this is all about, but it's what brought me here. I have sleep paralysis and I welcome it. I look forward to nightmares. The first time I believe to have cast a spell was when I was in the second grade. I played a simple card game with a friend regularly. Tired of losing, I desperately pleaded to whatever. Show me a sign, let me have this. I prayed for a long time. First world problems, a kid on a full stomach, I know. But I was so passionate for whatever reason. That night I won at least 20 plays in a row. I was winning utterly and completely until my friend accused me of cheating and quit. Maybe everyone gets one easy answer in their life, if so I wasted that one haha... I always remembered it though. I'm 26 now. Decided to try magick a couple days ago. I know very little. I was going to perform a spell involving burning paper. I meditated for a while, once again praying to whatever. But during the meditation, I hadn't noticed a glass of water spill on the edge of the table. When I opened my eyes the paper I was to burn was soaked. I still don't know if all my notions of magic are coincidence or not, but I will learn more. I probably won't post a lot but I'm here to read all your collective knowledge for the time being. Dang, this was long winded. But hello and goodbye. C: