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Original Post:
by: SMOR3S on Apr 03, 2016

Hey everyone! tl;dr on my profile, but for everyone wanting to read the whole post, I'll introduce myself.

My name is Kevin, I am 22, and I am a musician. I have been around music all my life, it's my passion, life, and what I do everyday.

I am not new to the practice of magic, but I am new to the forum here. I'll keep my religious views to myself, to not cause controversy, but I do have a lot of my own beliefs, and curiosities.

I used to practice The Craft/Wicca when I was around the age of 14 to around 16 or 17. My sister got me into it, but I practiced it more out of sheer interest. I'm not saying I was an expert, or like amazing at any of it, but I enjoyed what I was doing, whether it was a good or bad thing, but I can say I was really naive to a lot of it haha, but what teenager isn't with a lot of things.

My interest, and curiosity never has died though, and I have always been poking my nose into all sorts of stuff, but still keeping my own morals, and standards the same. My step-dad is really into Wicca, and has peeked my interested on a lot of stuff that I still want to see is possible, so with the great power of Google, it has brought me here, whether that is magic, or just amazing engineering, I have yet to find that out yet haha :3

Some things I have practiced back in my youth, which I have yet to know, if they really work or not, are water spells, summonings, and precognition stuff. I was never really deep into the craft, but these are some things I practiced with my sister. The summonings I don't think worked, the water spells were like concentration methods of gaining, or obtaining certain things like material items, or things such as that. I do believe in the precognition stuff, cause I have had two dreams which have come true, but I don't know what that falls under in terms of magic. My terminology is novice so I apologize in advance. I am curious, but by no means an expert.

One question I did have related to this post here: Was is this something that is possible. Now I am sourcing it from the SoM website, and after looking through the replies, people have mentioned it to be something of probability. The Fae was always something I was interested in, all my life, and still to this day. I have yet to try any of these methods, but I am gearing myself towards eventually trying it. Any of sources related to this topic would be appreciated! Would love to be educated further, and a bit more informed on this too.

likewise to the art, or craft, of magic too. I know there is a lot of posts here for beginners, and I like to think of myself as that, in a humble way, despite my previous practices, because it was so long ago, and I was naive and not that knowledge like I said, so any source of information to start my journey with this would be appreciated greatly!

But anyways, I hope to be of help to the site, and learn as much as I can about the things I am curious in. I hope that this site can shed some light on these things too.


P.S. If anyone has any questions about me also, I would love to touch base on some of my interests, so feel free to ask me any questions :3