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Original Post:
by: Madhra on Dec 15, 2015

Hello, I'm new to this website but not 100% new to magic. I have studied on and off for several years and in various different topics. I have done work a lot of work with chakras, crystal healing and oracle cards (fairies, angels, liquid crystals) but I am looking to expand my knowledge. I connect the best with nature and animals and am looking for more knowledge in how to use herbs for healing both physically and mentally as well as how to get a better understanding of the animals I work with (studying vet tech and nursing). I have deep irish roots and have received various images of an elder celtic druid which I would love to explore more. To be honest although I love learning for myself, I have been struggling due to various life events this year and would appreciate some help, i don't want to be spoon fed information but rather some help from someone with a wider knowledge of magic to put myself on the right track to healing. Here's to the hope that 2016 brings comfort to my friends and family instead of pain