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Original Post:
by: ArcherLegion on Sep 28, 2015

So, for starts, I suppose you can address me as Archer or Legion.

I'm a woman and I'm in my early 20s. My mother tongue is Spanish but I have been studying English since I was 7. I don't have much difficulty using English, except when it comes to modisms or very regional exclusive expressions.

I have been practising Mahayana Buddhism since I was 17 or so.

Unknown to most people is that Buddhism actually has a long and rich tradition around magic. About which, unfortunately, there is very little information available for those of us on the West side of the world.

Basically, I suppose I'm here to learn and to share what
little I know.

Website question: is there a way to get a notification of some form when I get a new message? Because I almost missed the welcome mail from the admin, literally I only saw it becauae I clicked on the mail tab to see how the message center looked.