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Original Post:
by: AvenEthernia on Feb 05, 2015

Hi, I just joined the site!

I,m 15 y/o boy, I like drawing, playing videogames, and watching anime.

I prefer to use my energy flow instead of spells that include chanting and stuff. I once made a balloon to fly the way I wanted it to (downwards) and an empty bootle in a river to swim/sail into my hands. :D

I'm also a bit of a prophet, cuz sometimes (pretty often) I forsee what will happen/be said in next few seconds. I' also good at guessing and every time I see a masked/shapeshifted
person in a movie I know who that is (I knew Zuko was the Blue Spirit the minute I saw him. Librom too)
Also, I can make weak-minded creatures to to do/say something, like when a dog really annoys with its barking I just imagine it shut up. And it shut ups.

And now, last but not least, my left hand. I feel something powerful about it and sometimes I feel like there's a pentagram or a moon crest on the palm.