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Original Post:
by: SterlingFox on May 12, 2013

Hello, my name is sterling fox, more commonly referred to as fox. I am a very curious person, who believes that questions deserve answers and that they are there for a reason. I usually delve into the inner truths of life and reality. I am a man of variety and am always studying to further my self mentally and spiritually. Astral projection has come naturally to me since I was a small child, and have always had a strong link to the after life. Many would refer to me as an old soul. I am immensely intelligent and know how to use it for the better or worse. I stand for neither good nor evil but mutuality. Balance,mind,spirit,and will are important in my own opinion. I am eager to teach as well as learn. I'm calm and collected and am usually nose first In literature. I have a good sense of humor but know when maturity is more appropriate.