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Original Post:
by: Repertor on May 15, 2020

This is an unusual thread partly because the magic on this site is a little different to what I am used to. And I am trying to comprehend others perceptions and practices.
My query relates to gods, entities, spirits and the like.
My concern is that when casting you summon an entity whether to do something for you or protect you or some other.
My query is what gives the entity the compulsion to do so, If I asked someone I barely know to do something for me, why would they, they hardly know me!
Now if I did something that made the entity notice me, they are more than likely to be beneficial.
For example if I wrote a story that you shared about the entity or if you made a picture of the entity that had a story, would not the entity be intrigued. If you spent a month making something that embellished the entity to such a degree and effort then would not the entity be intrigued and want a look. Maybe now you would be in good favor with them.
And if what was created was made with such love and thought and devotion or respect then I am sure you would be in their good graces.
Then there is the negative, for example I will make this or offer this for the entities grace, if the intent was to gain good grace (standing) would you attain it?
However If you created something just once that had so much thought and love put into it, unselfishness, could you not win yourself a lifetime of the entities grace?

Just food for thought.
Looking forward to your comments.