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Original Post:
by: D.Baron on Nov 13, 2018

Lenape legends talks about the first days of the animal kingdom life on earth and the symbolism that follows. For those who do not know the Lenape Indians are native to Canada and parts of the United States. The story starts good as most do the animal kingdom loved the paradise given to them by the Great Sky Spirit that is until winter came. Winter was upon them, days got shorter, food more scarce and they began to worry about life. They came in a meeting all the animals of that land and discussed who would make the long journey to the Great Sky Spirit. The most beautiful of all birds volunteered for this long task the magnificent "many colored bird" or the "Rainbow Crow" as its come to be known.

He had one task to ask the Great Sky Spirit how to survive with his fellow animal friends. He took of towards the sun where he knew the Great Spirit slumbered. As he rose to great heights he began to get close to the sun which charred and burned and his feathers, and yet he resisted knowing the animal kingdom relied on him. Finally after many days towards the Great Sky Spirit he was exhausted and fell before the Great One. The Great Sky Spirit was touched by the Crows defiance against the brutal conditions for his sacrifice was admirable. He bent down and picked up the smoldering bird and blew out the embers and restored his life but not his beautiful feathers. He told the Crow how to survive the cold and what the animals must do to survive as well. The Great Sky Spirit told the crow he would never restore the beautiful crow to its former state for now no animal will desire his flesh and no human would hunt him for his beautiful feathers, he was free set free from desire by anyone to ensure the survival of this majestic bird.