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Original Post:
by: FrieBear on Apr 15, 2018

About a year and a half ago, I found this sweet little kitten hiding under my dad's truck. It was between the months of September to November, and about eight at night. My dad, my brother, and I had just gotten home from something, and as I got out of the truck I heard this small meow. I was tried to look for the source of the sound, but my dad told me to ignore it and get ready for bed. Me, being the rebellious 14-year-old I was, waited for my dad to go upstairs before sneaking back outside with a flashlight/torch. I eventually found the noise sitting up in the undercarriage of our truck. The kitten was maybe 5 inches high at the shoulder and six or seven inches from shoulder to tail, with big blue-green eyes and soft grey striped fur. I took him in, ignoring what my father told me, and put him in my room. I snuggled with him for awhile until my mom came home, at which point I had to leave him to help my mom with something. I came back into the house to the quite sound of meowing and my mom looking around the kitchen. She asked if I heard a cat, which I nodded and showed her to my room. My mom told me to put the small bean out side and wait to see if his mother came back. I reluctantly did.
The next morning the kitten was still there, and my mom and dad took the poor thing to an 'animal shelter'(this shelter is very poor, and when crowded turns to euthanasia to fix their problems). I begged them not to, but they refused as they don't want pet anymore and because I'm allergic to cats (even though I am no longer as allergic as I used to be). I have no idea if he is dead or alive.
Recently, I have noticed feeling something soft when nothing is there and feeling the soft paws of a cat on me. I have heard of familiars and animal spirits who would do this before revealing themselves or manifesting. I believe it might be that same kitten, but I don't know. I would like your ideas and theories. Thanks.