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Original Post:
by: User272468 on Oct 30, 2016

So there is a place called Wine Cellar Park where I live. Many people have reported weird sightings there. I believe what they're seeing is a Jinn. I saw it too once. It was unnaturally tall, black and cloaked and was standing near the cellars. I went back there with my boyfriend yesterday for Halloween. We saw nothing, but we heard a very loud hissing sound coming from one of the cellars. It was too loud to be a snake. Now, most of the activity that people see at this park happens at night when the aura around the park changes from normal feeling to dangerous, and if there's any activity in the day, it stays strictly within the cellars, which is why I believe it to be a jinn instead of a demon.

Anyways, thinking about all this got me curious about some things:

Can jinns possess people?
Can they be controlled?
Are all of them evil?
Are there different species of jinn?