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Original Post:
by: User611912 on Jul 22, 2021

Hedge Witchcraft.

My experience of hedge witchcraft.

Hedge witchcraft can be closely associated with shamanic practices as well as green witchcraft.

It encompasses topics such as journeying, spirit work, healing, herbs magical and medicinal uses, and divination.

Shamanic practices often include healing of others and the self. This can be done numerous ways and much of healing a community involves emotional healing and release.

Spirit work can include both passed human spirits and working with non human spirits as well. Protections and cleansings play an important role in this practice.

Within this practice is an inherent emphasis on community. Often one finds oneself called to help those whom need it or sincerely request it. Often I find it necessary to take time for self care to rest and recharge.

My experience of being a hedge practitioner has been an ever evolving process of learning. Finding what works and what does not, which spirits to learn from and which to avoid. When to cleanse and when to charge. What plant will help a common cold, which helps with swelling.

I am interested to hear from other hedge practitioners what their experience has been? What are key components to the practice in your opinion?