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Original Post:
by: Ashen_Heart on Jul 02, 2018

(Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I didn't know where to ask)

For a long time I've been wanting to read this book: "The Christian Witch's Handbook: Solitary Practitioner's Edition" By H Fuller Hutchinson.

But when I go on Amazon, the prices are extortionate (anywhere between ?300 and ?6000!!) and all the online bookstores say it's unavailable.

No book can be worth that much, so my guess is that only a few were printed and their numbers are dwindling.

So my question is: what happened to it and is there any hope for me receiving a copy at a sensible price?

If there is no hope, could you guide me to some alternative resources in Christian Wicca (Trinitarianism/Christopaganism)?

I've found "The Path of a Christian Witch" which is overly critical of the Christian faith; I respect both faiths equally!

Another book I'm considering reading is "The Trinitarian Tradition" by Nancy Chandler Pittman but I'm unsure about it; I don't know if this is the path I'll actually take.

Could I get some advice please?