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Original Post:
by: Jaccysherry on Jun 22, 2017

I have been reading some works with Aphodite/Venus and saw a light. So, I have serious self-esteem problems and would define myself as a lonely person. In past relationships, I went through hell just to avoid the feeling of lonelyness and the thought of being alone forever. It's something that really torments me... People around me say that I'm great-looking, I'm charming, intelligent and mysterious, but all I see is beep. If possible, I'd like to ask Aphrodite/Venus two things: to help me loving myself, and the aid to help me finding a significant other. Deep down, I feel the need to share love and experiences. I love being with someone, even if it destroys me... Psychology did nothing for me, unfortunately, and something has led me to this forum. If you have experiences with them, please, tell me more about it: what was it, how was it, if you received what you asked for, etc. Thank you very much for reading this.