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Original Post:
by: lavenderc on Jul 28, 2016

Strangecraft is a newly formed religion with emphasis on earth magic and nature spirits.

WHO WE WORSHIP: The God and Goddess of the Worlds, and a patron deity. These are the names that we recite in our prayers and call upon in ritual. Keep in mind that ?deity? is a very loose term, and can mean a named god or goddess, a spirit guide, a loa, or an orisha. We believe that while the gods are in their purest form when found in nature, they can be found in anything.

HOLIDAYS: Yule and Litha, which are times of sacrifice and giving, and the full moons. Other holidays may be incorporated into practice, and feast days of named deities are encouraged to be marked on the calendar as well.

RITUAL: Practicioners do cast circles, but unlike Wicca, we do not call quarters. The circle is marked out and then the practitioner walks about it three times and spins six times, as three and its multiples are power numbers. He or she invites the gods, drinks and hungers, then proceeds. Spells may be cast during ritual, but on holidays, no spells for the benefit of the self may be cast.

ALTAR: A home shrine to one's deities is essential, for this is where daily devotions are done, prayers are said, and items are charged. An altar might be set up in a bedroom or in another personal place, and most anything may be put on it, as long as it is considered sacred to the altar owner, in addition to

THREE BASIC TOOLS: There are many things that can belong on the altar, but there are three tools (borrowed from Wicca) that make up the bare essentials. These are the wand, which is used to direct energy, the pentacle which represents the three phases of the Goddess and the two of the God, and the chalice, which is used to hold holy water. Those who wish to work with more tools are free to do so.

DRINKING AND HUNGERING: Drinking and Hungering is a small ritual that is performed to absorb the blessings of the gods. It is done by placing the chalice on the pentacle and filling it with holy water, and dipping the wand into the chalice. Of course, these actions are only actions; they do not have meaning unless you give it to them; which is why we call upon the gods and ask them to bless the water with whatever qualities we think we need, and pour a portion into the offering bowl as a token of our thanks. This ritual is performed every day and every night and before every major working.

AFTERLIFE: We believe that there are other worlds, spirit worlds, that are very closely linked with this one, and if and when the body dies, the soul continues its journey in one of the other worlds.

NATURE SPIRITS: In Strangecraft, we believe that nature is sacred, in part because of all the spirits that inhabit it. Nature spirits are the real, physical beings that live on the edge of this world and the others. Because they have a place in all of the worlds, they are very, very powerful, and their knowledge extend much farther than any mortal could fathom. When I speak of these beings, I speak of the wild things that haunt your dreams, faces and bodies angular, sharp and protruding, teeth pointy and gleaming. You must respect these beings; give them offerings when you set foot in their realm, for they are very real.

Any questions or comments? Make a post. :)