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Original Post:
by: Kundalini666 on Mar 20, 2011

Items needed:

Two pieces of white/black silk around 30cm-30cm

A needle and thread

Herbs of your choice (optional)

Cling film (optional)


Gather a lot of white silk,or if you're designing the doll specifically for bad intentions, black may work better, and begin to mark out where you are going to cut out a human like figure about 15 cm tall. Mark out the legs and arms, head etc.. ( have 2 pieces of silk, one on top of the other so when you cut it out it will match up to the second figure.


Begin to sew the poppet with thread the same colour as the doll, make the stitches in the poppet really small and with a 2-3mm gap between each stitch maximum. Start sewing from one side of the waist all the way round to the other side of the waist if you are stuffing it with herbs, this will make it easier and the herbs will not fall out whilst you are stitching the rest.


Stuff the bottom half of the poppet with either cllingfilm or a herb of your choice, make sure you stuff it well. Make sure to use herbs suited to your intentions.


Once you have stuffed the bottom half fully, you can carry on sewing, you have just stuffed the bottom part now so you do not have trouble stuffing it right down later. Sew up to the head. You can now stuff the rest of the poppet with more herbs if you wish (less mess).

Step 5:

You may want to decorate your poppet, with symbols and runes. Maybe you just want to make it look more life like. It's your choice!

An effective voodoo doll/poppet in just 5 steps.