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Original Post:
by: RyanLokeson on Apr 17, 2014

norse preferably but no help will be rejected ive communed with a threatoning well spirit and well he said his name was Baldr which in my religon is one of the AEsir one slain by loki hes been with me for some time and has always been threatening in his presence id shout out to him saying well if your going to kill me then get on with it but one night he calmly talked to me i asked him his name and he said baldr i asked him what he wanted and he said to kill me i asked him why and he said that i killed him i asked if he was going to do it now and he said no. the part that makes me believe this is a actual spirit and not my insanity is that this was before i came into grasp with my norse paganism and that i had no prior knowledge of any of my gods and that after grasping this i find that Loki is the god i feel most connected to