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Original Post:
by: SelchieGirl on Mar 07, 2013

Having decided to become a Heathen (Wicca just doesn't fulfil my needs anymore) I have decided to work with Hel and Loki.

I invoked Loki a bit ago, and didn't feel his presence. No change in the atmosphere. Perhaps I am just dense? I invited him into my life, to be my friend, to be my patron God in magickal workings.

Does anyone have an personal experience with Loki? What should I expect, should he decide to participate in my life? I am expecting chaos of some sort (I will be thankful for it) and not sure what else to expect. I have read some on Loki, but I don't want to get trapped into a reconstructionalist relationship with him.

And, before you ask how I came to choose Loki, it was not through the movies. I have yet to see them (no spoiler alerts!) I chose him because...well I am in dire need of chaos. That may sound somewhat insane, but there you have it.