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Original Post:
by: User555561 on Jul 05, 2019

I was seven years old when I had this nightmare. And this is how it went:
"I was standing with my mom in the house and just doing our normal routine when all of a sudden she just dropped to the ground dead. The moment that happened a strange and unusually large black cat with red eyes who's fur shimmered like black onyx appeared and made a movement with its tail telling me to follow it. I did. Then I start to see conflict everywhere. I saw politicians shouting at each other although I couldn't hear what they were saying. then I see terrorists attacking people with guns and bombs. and the whole time the cat led me on until the final where I see a bright flash and hear a loud boom that woke me up."
That was how the dream went and so far the part that I can confirm that came true was my mom's death which happened 3 years after the nightmare. And as for the black cat I felt a sense where Yes it was dark in nature but meant me no harm at all. If you can help me interpret this nightmare i will definitely appreciate it.