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Original Post:
by: User532443 on Jul 04, 2018

Greetings. So a lot of us are familiar with the terms 'chaos' and 'order'. Some use them as to refer to something fancy, or some to refer to more deep, hypothetical things in life. However you use them, or even if you never used them in your daily life; now you will meet the real faces of order and chaos.

Now, I will not progress by defining these terms. Many people have different ideology and approach towards it. We all come from all walks of life, and we have our own lore and our own legacy. We are gifted with one life and one particular soul. Researchers say that about 50,000 things circulate in our mind everyday. When we meet this outside world, we meet the rest of these souls. That world is made out of almost 400,000,000,000,000 thoughts everyday (50000 x 8 billion). So, we basically survive amidst 4 quadrillion thoughts every single day! These thoughts shape our surroundings, and affect our lives in numerous ways. This, my fellow readers, is a marvelous example of chaos. We lose our precious lives as they get dissolved among these 4 quadrillion thoughts. Peace, love, war, brutality, lust; you have everything counting on this. Now, how do you search for order? You go to your owntemple. Just sit and meditate, for once, and start filtering out the 50,000 thoughts to one single thought. Now, it is believed that ordinary wields noorder . Then how to become extra-ordinary? Your one single thought will determine that. We humans are filled with filth,detest,agony,humiliation and grief. How would you terminate chaos with chaos? You need light. This is where you seek help from the beings above you. When life pushes you to a point when you feel wasted, that's where chaos reigns. When you are working with your divine beings, you follow a divine path. You follow light; the eternal guidance which provides you with hope for the days to come. When you delve deeper into your practices, you cultivate seeds of disciple and strength. You practice things,be it mundane. Yet, you wield true joy. Eventually, you find light in the darkest of days. Your divine beings soon become your life, and every day seems like a new life. Amidst the 8 billion, you stand unique, bright and motivated. That's where order takes birth, and it lasts until the end of your days.

Well, that's all for it. Hope I explained my belief coherently. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.