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Original Post:
by: ChaosWeaver on May 30, 2018

Hello to all and thank you in advance for the replies. I've been a novice at magic usage with me starting out about 8 years ago. I've taken a long hiatus until last year. I've grown to receive "premonitions" of Chaos, and with that I've been adamantly learning how to manipulate energy. So now that that little introduction is out of the way here's why I'm asking this here and not just googling it. A few days ago I tried to mix my energy with someone whom I didn't know at the time had a very different kind of energy from me, causing me to become very energetically fatigued. Physically I was fine although spiritually I fully believe I almost killed myself. This has clearly shown me that I lack the capabilities I desire. I know through personal experience that my soul has a mass of unused energy. Although my body lacks the means to allow it to manifest. So my question is how do I train my body to be able to better process and hold my own energy, so that I can channel more of it at one time?