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Original Post:
by: Iranaryluch on Apr 14, 2018

When I was younger, and a bit more reckless, I had an angel that watched over me fairly actively, stopping me on several occasions from ending up in dangerous situations(things like avoiding being t-boned in an intersection because someone was running a red light). She claimed to be a younger archangel and seemed to trend away from standards in little odd ways, but always for the benefit of someone, if only for a smile. Over time I didn't need her watching me, but she was still a constant in my life; a friend that I could talk to and whose company was always nice.
Some years ago we parted ways and have only been in loose contact since. Supposedly there is a need to prepare for some movement on a larger scale, though she's actively avoided saying what in particular. In more recent years, she's been almost completely absent, sending a proxy in her place just to exchange pleasantries.

It seems that most people looking to the angels are actively seeking help for some personal benefit or guidance on earth so I'm not sure how much anyone is attuned to happenings outside of this plane, but I'm curious if anyone else has had any additional or different information.