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Original Post:
by: MnYoungWitch on Mar 30, 2018


So I am coming here because I am curious about something that happened to me. Right now I will start by saying when I was somewhere between 5-8 (15 now) I would have these repeated dreams, which I remember vividly. I will not go into details about that.

Needless to say, I basically didn't really think about it. Now, flash-forward to 15... and then I found a picture online: it was the exact same picture that I saw in my dream. So I looked more into it, and it turns out it was a picture from an old Insane Asylum in the 1900's. It was used for a lot of different bad practices of bad medical techniques and a bunch of people had died there. (Severall Institute of Britain.)

So my question is, how did I see that in a dream before I had ever seen that and I has never even heard of it! So I was thinking it had to do with Psychic powers, I have had premonitions in dreams before.

I would appreciate some help understanding this, and if someone wants to privately help me, I could explain more to them in Private Mail. Thanks for reading this!